February 24, 2018

Rise Austin 2013 Presentation – How to Create Products That Don’t Suck

PeopleFund Innovation Week – How to Create Products That Customers Really Want to Buy

What is “From Napkin to Revenue”?

Some people have asked me what are the key principles of the “From Napkin to Revenue” Workshop.   The key foundation is that too many people (and companies) conceive an idea that they think is fantastic and invest significantly in building and launching the product without validating the need in the marketplace.  Most of the time, these products (& services) fail because they did not address a need that people were willing to pay to solve.

Having experienced this myself working for large companies and start-ups/early stage companies, and also seeing this in my training & consulting work, I started working on a process that boils the essential elements of Product Management & Product Marketing into a 6 hr workshop specifically targeted to Aspiring Entrepreneurs. After several evolutions of the workshop, it is now called “From Napkin to Revenue“.

Below are two ways for your to get a preview of and more insight into the concepts taught in the “From Napkin to Revenue” workshop.  For those that want a quick introduction, the first shows the first 17 slides of the workshop where I present the overall process and model for “Building Products That Customers Want“.   For those that want more detail, the second is a video of the first 30 minutes of the workshop that I delivered at the Americas IT Forum in Guatemala City in July 2012.