February 24, 2018


From Napkin to Revenue:  Transform Your Ideas into Products That Customers Want!


“… between 80 percent and 95 percent of new product introductions fail.  … you must do virtually everything right to successfully launch new products.”  Jack Gordon, CEO of AcuPOLL Research Inc.

  • Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur with a great idea, but are unsure what steps to take to successfully bring your idea-to-market?
  • Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur who thought you had a great idea, but have not been able to achieve revenue with it?

“From Napkin to Revenue” is an “eye-opening” 6 hr workshop that will help you answer these questions and show you a new way of thinking about products and market opportunities by teaching you a step-by-step process to successfully transform your ideas into products (or services) and then take your new products to market.

What You’ll Learn in the Workshop

The “From Napkin to Revenue Workshop” teaches a market-driven discovery and validation process that will enable companies to create products and services that customers want to buy.  In this workshop, the participants will learn a step-by-step process that enables them to:

  • Discover and validate market needs that customers are willing to pay to solve;
  • Discover and validate the right product to meet those needs and that customers will buy;
  • Discover the right Go-to-Market strategies that helps you get your first customers (the ultimate in validation).

In this highly interactive workshop, each participant will complete exercises on their own ideas and apply them to the Go-to-Market Canvas to ensure they have learned the concepts of the discovery process and are able to apply them after completing the workshop.  To ensure plenty of opportunity for discussions and individual exercises and to share with and learn from each other, the class size is limited.
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View an Introduction to the Concepts Taught in the “From Market to Revenue”  Workshop


What are People Saying About the “From Napkin to Revenue” Workshop?

“It really put me in the right mindset to develop a new product. I wouldn’t be in this mindset without the workshop. Very eye-opening for me.”

“The workshop covers the processes to develop an idea into a product that fits the market.”

“The most valuable aspect for me was learning a clear and workable step-by-step process for taking my idea to market.”

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In order to encourage all participants to share and discuss, we want to ensure that the confidentiality of the information they share is protected.  We are going to ask all participants to sign a non-disclosure agreement for any confidential information shared during the workshop.

Follow-on Coaching/Mentoring

For those that participate in this workshop, we will be offering the opportunity to participate in a four month long mentoring/coaching workshop.   The coaching/mentoring sessions will be limited to 8 participants.   We’ll share more details at the training on how to participate in this.

About The Workshop Instructor

Tom Evans is Principal at The Lûcrum Group and the creator of the highly acclaimed “From Napkin to Revenue Workshop”. He is an internationally recognized authority in product management, global marketing, business partnerships and entrepreneurship. In his extensive experience, he has helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products and has led business development efforts in the US and global markets.

Tom is a graduate of The United States Air Force Academy and graduated with honors with an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.


  1. Mohan Kosireddy says:

    Very good workshop. Helps you on what you need to in a systematic way. Process that you can follow and you get the confidence to make the first step in right direction.

    Mohan Kosireddy

  2. If you are considering launching a new service or product, attend this quick two night class first. My partners and I made the mistake of falling in love with our idea, spending tens of thousands of development dollars and countless hours only to find out that we were not on the right track. Tom’s course would have shown us how to judge the viability of our product in advance of that wasted investment. It’s definitely worth the low course price. Plus, you will meet other aspiring entrepreneurs while sharing valuable ideas and insights.

  3. Thien Nguyen says:

    This is a ‘must’ for those folks who want to be thorough in their startup preparations. Tom’s insights are crucial for a successful launch and for future growth. Your time investment in this workshop will yield both a critical playbook and a connection to fellow entrepreneurs for support.

  4. Jerel Walters says:

    This workshop provides valuable knowledge in getting the product definition “right” based on unmet customer needs. From ideation through product launch, Tom provides practical advice based on real-world examples of how to minimize the risk of developing products that customers do not value. I highly recommend this workshop.

  5. Tom has laid out the questions I needed to ask before starting my new business. This workshop was the extension of the RISE Entrepreneurs workshop he did earlier in the year. Worth attending and using in your business.

  6. I highly recommend this workshop. As a product manager with a formal marketing education, I found Tom’s practical insights and organized perspective incredibly valuable. Whether you have formal business training or not, if you are looking to bring a new product to market, this workshop is absolutely essential. Tom brought his real world experience into the classroom, and made the often complex processes of product management easy to undertand and intuitively so. In my years of formal education and many ongoing learning classes, I have seldom received as much value for my time as I did in Tom’s class. From Napkin to Revenue has my highest endorsement.

  7. Ted Paone says:

    Ever had an idea that never got off the ground and watch someone be successful with it later? Or worse, an idea that took a lot of your time and money that failed? I’ve done both. Rather than pout and blame the market, I took this initial offering of this course. Not only was the course material helpful but the interaction of all the participants brought insights to what I had not done or been doing wrong. I’m currently using some of those ideas for introducing new product ideas to the company I am working for and have some ideas in the works completely outside my field. I already have better success and it is more fun because I now have a process so I can see and learn from my mistakes and push on to greater success.

    I recommend this workshop for those who want to turn their ideas into products. It will save you time, money and frustration.

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